In conjunction with the Abruzzo regional council, the Concours Mondial is organising a unique event focusing on award-winning rosés from Rosé Selection by CMB and Abruzzo culinary excellence on 4-6 June 2021 in L’Aquila.

L’Aquila is preparing to welcome personalities from the world of rosé wine and culinary excellence. On 4-5-6 June 2021, 40 international experts will meet in L’Aquila to pair grand gold and gold medal-winning wines from Rosé Selection by CMB with dishes prepared by Abruzzo’s Michelin-starred chefs. Their mission will be to define the perfect match and award Food & Rosé Selection Trophies.

The three days will feature not only tastings but also conferences/seminars on the extensive theme of ‘Rosés’. Several topics will be addressed by international experts, including the impact of global warming on rosé wine production, marketing rosé wines and changing consumer tastes across the globe.

Rosé wines awarded at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles will be judged with a new objective, and that is to define the most suitable gourmet food pairing for each award-winning wine. After a blind tasting, judges will be tasked with categorising entries based on their typicity and their suitability for specific product categories or gourmet food concepts.

The Abruzzo region provides an outstanding backdrop for the event – in addition to its world-famous Cerasuolo wines, it is also home to a plethora of PGI-labelled products such as Navelli saffron, Campotosto mortadella, Ventricina di Guilmi salami, Castel del Monte pecorino, Agnone Caciocavallo and Scarmoza cheese and torrone.

Consumption of rosé is experiencing meteoric growth in the main importer countries. The simple explanation is that it is a crowd-pleasing wine that lends itself to many different occasions – as an aperitif, for al fresco drinking, with everyday or elaborate gourmet meals, to name a few.

There is no denying that rosé works well with all types of dishes and cuisines!

The trophies will be announced and released to the press on 6 June, during the closing evening event of the 2021 Food & Rosé Selection.