In 2020, for the first time in its history, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles introduced the Vinolok trophy for the best rosé wine. For its major debut, this prestigious accolade was awarded to the Vinohora Fetească Neagră & Montepulciano label by the Purcari winery in Moldova.

Nestled in the countryside lying between the Dniester River and the Black Sea, Purcari’s vineyards stretch over lush green rolling hills. At the turn of the century, Purcari replanted 250 hectares of vines and installed cutting-edge technology in the winery. As one of Moldava’s largest exporters, the winery is consolidating the country’s international expansion by penetrating over 25 markets, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway, the Czech Republic, China, Poland and the Baltic States. Despite its reputation as a regional behemoth, Dumitru Coslet likes to recall the importance of people: “We like to believe that our wines are born in the vineyards, the soils and the hearts of the people who manage them”. In fact, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles accolade is a genuine source of pride for the winery’s staff. “We are delighted to know that our wines, particularly the blend of local varieties, impressed the judges at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. We hope that this expression of our culture and our traditions will continue to fascinate people the world over”.

We are delighted to know that our wines, particularly the blend of local varieties, impressed the judges at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

Italy and Moldova in one bottle

The Vinohora Collection is a range of limited edition wines by Purcari. The collection blends native Moldovan grape varieties and classic international cultivars. The rosé wine awarded by the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is a blend of Italian and Moldovan grapes, combining the harmony of Fetească Neagră and the reputation of Montepulciano. “We believe that only this blend of grape varieties could produce such an exquisite wine. The synergy between the two is impeccable”. The blend is 51% FeteascăNeagră and 49% Montepulciano. This is an incredible rosé wine with a velvety flavour dominated by peach, cherry and raspberry. The palate is full and fruity, with typical Moldovan warmth in its strawberry and raspberry notes, but also delicate floral notes such as violet and peony. Its substantial persistence and savoury acidity are impressive and it deserves the best treatment when it comes to serving, showing at its best at a temperature ranging from 10 to 12°C. It makes a divine partner for Mediterranean foods, full-flavoured cheeses and fish dishes.

About Vinolok

Vinolok is revolutionising our perception of bottle closures. An increasing number of winegrowers and spirits producers are choosing Vinolok over other types of closures. The glass stopper is genuinely different – it is unique and elegant. As Vinolok is made from glass, it can be recycled –making it extremely relevant in today’s market – and is allowing producers to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. Only Vinolok can give a bottle that finishing touch, ensuring that the closure design is in harmony with the appearance of the wine bottle.

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